Pulse Reference is based on the best-selling book Symptom Sorter.

It analyses a multitude of symptoms commonly seen in primary care and for each presents differentials, distinguishing features, possible investigations and key points. Its perspective is very much grass roots primary care and informed by the latest evidence and guidance where possible or appropriate.

How to use Pulse Reference:

  • Step 1: Start your search: Type a symptom, keyword or illness into the search bar
  • Step 2: Search the results of possible symptoms
  • Step 3: You’re provided with a full GP overview of the symptom and key characteristics
    • Differential Diagnosis: the likely diagnosis, subdivided Common, Occasional and Rare
    • Ready Reckoner: key distinguishing features of the most common diagnosis
    • Possible Investigations: investigations most likely to assist you in making the diagnosis
    • Top Tips: useful hints from the authors’ experience
    • Red Flags: aspects of symptoms which suggest pathology and there should not be missed or neglected

The experts behind Pulse Reference

Dr Keith Hopcroft is the co-author of Symptom Sorter and has been Pulse’s editorial advisor for more than 15 years. He is a GP in Basildon, Essex, an associate trainer and medical writer and columnist.

Dr Poppy Freeman is also a clinical advisor to Pulse and set up the Covid Toolkit on Pulse Today in 2020 to provide GPs with up-to-date guidance on all the clinical and organisational Covid updates. She is a GP in Camden.

Get in touch

If you have any questions about Pulse Reference, please contact us at [email protected].